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This week has been most exciting for me, i am in the final stages of making the first Tiny Gork product. Right now it’s going through as much feedback as possible to ensure that you get the best out of the material.

I have sent out the 6th draft beta version to newsletter subscribers, because me and Tiny Gork just love subscribers 😉 “what?”, “yes Gork the signup link is over to the right”

The best thing about this product is that when it is released it’s FREE! I call it a FreeG (FreeGork) and i plan on making more FreeG’s in the future! Ontop of that, i have decided to release it first to newsletter subscriber via a special issue newsletter containing a download link before releasing it to the public at large.

The product’s working title is “Essential Shadow Council Origins part #1” and contains two monologues by Tiny Gork about the Shadow Council. It is a preview for the complete story which is also in production as we speak (or as i’m writing this so to….. speak).

The complete story will use these monologues as introductions to each chapter and the chapters themselves will then go into further detail on the topic Tiny Gork breaks out in those monologues.

I am really excited about all this, it feels good to be so far in the process on a product, even if it is a preview.

so remember to signup for the newsletter for the newsletter early release of “Essential Shadow Council Origins part #1”

I’m feeling generous, so here is a blurp from the first ever FreeG soon to hit the public:


(Tiny Gork): The Shadow Council worked well, however some of the members began at some point to worry that one of them was plotting to abuse their powers for his own ends and THAT would spell doom for them all. So, naturally they did what you’d expect and fulfilled their own prophecies when they cast out THAT member! A god who get his ticks by plotting and shceming and you choose to cast him out? How can you be surprised when he starts to plot and scheme against after that! Hah!

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