Hi, I’m Michael from Denmark, I was born in 1977 and like so many others in my late teens i was drawn into D&D, I was also very fond of all the various computers, commodora64, amiga500 and inevitably the PC found it way into my room.

It all started with the red basic DnD, then came 2nd edition AD&D and that really stuck around for many years of my gamer life. I fondly remember playing in the world of Krynn, i had a kendar and like any true kendar i drove my group nuts… one time I ended up gagged and tied in the basket of a catapult in a fortress we were infiltrating, what fun times.

Then I moved and changed schools, grade school to college you might best compare it to and all my gaming companions sort of slowly faded away. But soon i found that in my college class, there were other gamers and we have now been roleplaying, with me and a mate of mine switching back and forth the GM chair, for 16 years.

Now I work at a waste company, where we mainly focus on collecting cardboard and plastic and reselling it for recycling. All my mates have wives, kids, girlfriends and none of us lives close to each other as we used to. Gaming has slowed abit, but we still get some sessions squeezed into our lives.

I *ouch* should mention *peering nervously over his shoulder* that i ALSO found myself a girlfriend, her name is Lisbeth and we have been together since May 2013. She is very supportive of TinyGork even if she does not fully understand all this RPG hocus pocus 😉 Currently im in the process of moving into her Apartment, god help her. We have lived together for almost 1½ year now 🙂

I have also been an avid Warhammer 40.000 fan, collector and gamer since 1996 and I also picked up a DSLR canon camera a few years ago and sometimes go on a photo spree. I have always had a creative streaks, i used to draw alot when i was younger and these days i play with fractals and photoshop.

Now then, why have i started tinkering on this site?

Well, i want to tell you a story about gods, immortals, re-incarnation, timetravel and old grudges. Once immortal right hand emmisary’s of powerful gods, now mere mortals with no memory on a quest throughout ages, planes and even many mortal lives, to restore slumbering gods to their power or to claim it for their own?

I want to split this story into digestables portions and make it all available in pdf format and add alot of extra goodies to fill the setting framework that the story creates.

Since I embarked upon this voyage i have since come up with many other ideas i want to share, there’s the handouts for mysterious texts, the Warlock’s journal contests where you create the content, i even tried my hand at an adventure called Galens Gamble. I have many other ideas on the todo list.

My intention is to use a narrative angle, so you can use it for which ever system you like along with any setting and campaign. My style is most likely best suited for Game Masters who like to tinker and tweak with the content.

Basically i just want to share my imagination with other Game Masters and if i could earn alittle pocket money along with helping fellow gamers and game masters experience what i think is a great story, i consider it a win/win for all of us!

My priorities for Tiny Gork:

  • Share the RPG contents of my imagination.
  • Help and contribute to the RPG community at large.
  • Have Tiny Gork earn it’s own upkeep.
  • Earn a few pocket money for Michael Christensen.

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