Domain of Rirroneth

Outside the known multiverse, outside time and space, lies the Far Realm and in that realm lies the domain of Rirroneth. It’s terrain is a writhing ever changing mass of oragnic matter and stone, covered with eyes in all shapes and sizes. The terrain is a mockery mirror of what you would find in the mundane world. Sickly, contorted and leafless trees and bushes made of membranelike strands.

The sky is filled with cosmic sightings, titanic entities strolling across the void, purple, yellowgreen clouds and a constant pale blue light with no source.

Every so often you will catch a moan, snarl, gnashing, drooling sound in the air without an exact origin.

At any given time the landscape will change, like travelling across a gibbering mouther turned into a planet.

The domain of Rirroneth lies within a ring of mountains, these mountains looks like mundane world mountains. Any attempt to approach the mountains fail, by some mysterious power travellers are turned away without knowing it, never able to close the distance. One might speculate if they are real or just an illusion?

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