Time Hunters

Exciting news!

I have just decided that i want to give you MORE in the upcomming FreeG ebook “Essential Shadow Council origins part #1”!

I am currently working up the organisation called “Time Hunters” and you will get it together with the first ever book from Tiny Gork. I wanted to give you something you could use in your own game or in a game that uses my story about the Shadow Council.

The organisation will be created systemless as well as the prestige class/profession that comes along with it.

here’s a small blurp to get a taste:


Time Hunters are a unique group of guardians, that watches and guard the time flow of the multiverse. They are taught spells and techniques to track time meddlers and restore the time flow to its proper balance. The Time Hunters are governed by the Time Lords, whom the many different pantheons of the multiverse elected to protect the flow of time as all the pantheons recognized the danger of time meddling.

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