Fiddling with Time

Hello there!

I just wanted to poke my head out and let ya know wutz wot. I have been fiddling with time, not just me own time nah, working out how time is perceived by Time Lords, Nemesis and how to present all this time hopping about to you readers. It aint the most easiest of tricky Things i have tinkering with but i did find a new toy that could help abit.

Now i want to say one thing about this Tool, ’tis not created to Work with other planes and alternate Worlds such as we are talking about with the Shadow Council. But i did try to incorporate that into usage of the Tool.

so without further ado, here is the interactive Shadow Council time line Tool!
link: Shadow Council interactive Timeline
seeing as the Tool was meant for us terra people it will have nomination like “BC” on it, just consider this as “Before Councils Origin” *wink wink*

edit: The status was set to private by mistake earlier, is fixed now!

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