Demonwars: Playtest Packet

A quick unrelated information:

I kickstarted R.A.Salvatore’s Demonwars Reformation project because ever since i read the first of his novels set in that World i have loved the World of Corona and especially it’s focus on the abellican monk order and their gemstone magic. But it’s also more than that, the elves are different than your normal DnD elves, they are more lithe and faerie like and hide away and train human rangers in secret.

So when the project of creating a game system for that World came up on kickstarter i immediately backed it, even though i have no idea if i will ever get to play it proper, but just because i really love the World he created in his books.

One of the Things I got for backing, on international level as I’m in Denmark, was a digital playtest packet!

Psyked I am about to devour these 126 pages of the rulebook for playtesting and see if i can get some friends to setup a Group for testing it! I had actually forgotten about the playtest packet, so this was a cool surprise when checking my mailbox last night. Awesome!

While this has nothing to do with Tiny Gork, i will give it a thorough reading and post a review about it 🙂

If I get to playtest it, you can look forward to a more indepth testamony about it as well.

Gork ya later!

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