Winner of the Warlocks Journal #14

Greetings all!

November month was the month of the #14 Warlocks Journal contest and it was hosted here at

For some reason, it could be timing, there was only one submission this time around. Maybe it was the challenge that was uninspirering or too difficult ? What could I improve to get you to write an entry submission for a future contest? 🙂

However, winner by default was Phil Nichols.

The Last Breath, 3rd fragment of the Sepharil

The third Sepharil fragment is now known as The Last Breath. The fragment has become a Morning star made
from blue ice, a magically cold ice-like material found in the bowels of Niflheim. The haft of the weapon is silvered steel,
but the spiked head is made of the distinctive blue ice. In battle, The Last Breath steams as it is wielded. The
weapon is so cold, that it immediately freezes any wound it makes.

It can also inflict cold damage, as to be expected of a weapon created in the ice forges of Niflheim.
Popular legend has it that the name derives from the belief that you breathe your last breath if you face this weapon in
battle. While this may be a true statement for many warriors, it is not the true origin of the name. The Last Breath is so
called because the head of the weapon is actually the Last Breath of one of the Shadow Council. This breath was
captured at the time of death, probably by the killer. The breath was then preserved by freezing it in the depths of
Niflheim’s coldest glacier.

There is much speculation among scholars as to the exact contents of this final breath. A curse? The identity of the
destroyer of the Shadow Council? The location of their lost treasure house? A plea for mercy or the secret knowledge
required to resurrect the fallen Council? Many claim to have heard whispers of these final words when this fragment of
the Sepharil is brought close to other such fragments. Yet for all these claims, there is little agreement about the content of
these whispers.

There is simply no way to be entirely certain what secrets await within the icy prison. However, the latest research
insists The Last Breath can breathe again. All that has to be done to release the dying words of a fallen god is to conduct a
ritual in the burning heart of Gehenna, plane of fire.

Before such an epic task can be completed, The Last Breath must first be retrieved from it’s current bearer. As it is now in
the possession of the demigod known on many worlds as Jack Frost, this will not be an easy task.

Jack Frost’s most likely location is at his Rime Palace on Niflheim. Yet this capricious figure wanders many worlds, so he is difficult to track.
Finding a demigod is one thing, taking his favourite weapon is another. Prepare well, heroes, otherwise the old adage about
The Last Breath may well prove to be true for you.

~Phil Nichols


Congratulations to Phil!

I like how he managed to tie in both the Shadow Council as well as his own creation Jack Frost.

Phil recieves a free copy of the bootcamp project product: Galens Gamble.

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