Gork people #3 – Desmer Snakeeyes

The Rogue Assassin known as Desmer Snakeeyes

Cheers! I want to share with you a story about a lost soul i once ran into. She was a hot lil number she was, such a vixen, wicked as a spider and sneaky like a fox.

Her name was Desmer Snakeeyes and she was rogue out of Arendur, once a great city that fell to ruin with hidden shrines devoted to demonic worship. The city was reclaimed and rebuilt by an adventuring band led by a minotaur Warlock who later became king and ruler. Desmer ran a guild of thieves, serving as the kings spies. But you know how those shady folks are, every greedy, she wouldn’t settle for just serving. She began building her own business along side the spy business for the king.

Eventually the king had enough of her sidebusiness and he ransacked the guild, but somebody tipped them off. The king fell into an ambush and while he fought like a fierce giant, remember i told you she was sneaky and wicked? She had in her guild a very powerful wizard and all of a sudden the mighty minotaur king froze in place and out of the shadows stepped Desmer. Wicked demonic dagger in hand, she looked up at his face as she plunged it into his heart.

She fled the city after that, her guild was powerful but it could not withstand the entire city’s wrath. But now this werent the interresting bit, ‘member the demonic dagger? It was the property of a certain demon in the abyss and through this dagger he worked his evil magick and with his endless patience he eventually enslaved her.

She was then doomed to wander the planes at his behest, used as an puppet-assassin her blades drew blood across the multiverse. The demon used his powers to cast her from plane to plane, world to world as he saw fit and when he saw fit. She became a hollow shadow of her former self, ridden with guilt of murdering her old minotaur friend and all the meaningless killing she was doing on the demons behalf.

Some say she eventually remeeded her soul and found peace, others say she stills roams the planes as a murdering shadow.

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