Bootcamp Project – onto the battlefield of typography!

Typography & Scribus

Finally deciding that i’m done editing and re-writing, the project has now moved onto design/layout/typography. So I have tried to educate myself abit on those topics, a really good place for me to start was MB’s practical typography webbook Butterick’s Practical Typography and i also purchased a used copy of the Non-designers design book. All alongside learning to use the Scribus software.

So i’m now knee deep in laying out Galens Gamble in Scribustrying to apply all the rules of typography i can remember. It has taken me a year so far to create this book much more difficult than i had anticipated and i suspect i’ll revisit it at a later time and refurbish it. But i want it to be completed now and I am now at the appendix, this is a part of the book i have not really written or edited so there’s some debate going on in my head with the elements here. What to include what not to include, here i’m considering including the Time Hunter class as well as NPC profiles (still no system stats though).

I have also been giving artwork some thought, so far it’s all free, my own work and one single free contribution to my photoshop by an Aussie friend. I even looked at heromachine and got the approval to use images created here for free in my works. Free is important to me as i want Tiny Gork to support itself after my initial investments in the gamerslifestyle cource, domain and hosted server for the blog along with a few books.

I actually made my first $5 on DrivethruRPG, THANKS! and i donated them to Buttericks Practical Typography webbook.

Galens Gamble is currently interrupted by my work on the Warlocks Journal, but will resume soon.

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