Warlocks Journal – 2nd monthly contest

The Warlock’s Journal

Vicki Porter from Tabletop Adventures described the journal as:
The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that teleports from place to place, recording knowledge in whatever location it finds itself. The places it goes may be widely separated in time and space and even be in different dimensions or alternate realities.

The handful of people who have actually seen the book more than once suggest that it sends its information back to some central location, as they have seen the book nearly filled with information, only to find it almost empty again, or filled with completely different information, at some later point.

Of course, since there is no real proof that the book itself travels through time in a linear manner, such analysis is speculation at best. What powerful entity could have created such a marvel? Where is the ultimate repository (if any) of the wealth of knowledge collected by the Journal in its roving, and is its creator still waiting there, learning about the multiverse? It is, perhaps, better not to know.

This month the journal is resting at Tales of a GM and its pages have opened on the organisation known as Storm & Shield. This month the contest is about describing a Group/faction/organisation known as “Storm & Shield” two options as well, the prime and the nemesis. The prime is the first establishment and the nemesis is the splinter cell that turned rogue.

here is an entry of mine for the contest:

Storm & Shield Prime

Eons ago the storm giant G’raenthra merged with an electrical elemtental, he became the Storm kingdoms Godking. Under his rule a faction known as the Storm & Shield was established, they were his secret guard. They were his eyes and ears throughout the lands of his allies and enemies.

The Storm & Shield’s first priority was to establish bases throughout the realm, from which they could operate and keep the Storm kingdom safe. Once bases were established they were tasked with creating a spy network, with this they were tasked with gathering information to assault and defend against enemies.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the article about the latest version of the Contest, now being held at my blog. There have been plenty of visitors, so I am hopeful that there will be a lot of entries.

    Remember that there are two prizes of vouchers for d20pfsrd.com

    All the best.

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