Gork people #2 – The Assassin ‘Black Star’

Black Star

The facade

Her story is no secret, she often shares many anecdotes from her travels. Where alot of mercenaries favors keeping an air of mystery about them, Black Star is very open mouthed. True or false, nobody really knows, though there is one thing she is tightlipped about. She has never revealed her real name, the only identity anyone knows about her is Black Star.

The name Black Star is known and feared as a cold and cynical assassin, the underworld is full of stories and rumours about Black Star. The names origin is assumed to be a massive tattoo of a Black seven pointed star across her face which has several stories on its own. She Often party with the rest of the Howler mercenaries, enjoying her freedom and not obeying any rules but her own.

From girl to killer

The truth about Black Star is that she was once a slave and the star was the sign of her masters house. At the age of 14, her masters house suffered financial troubles, she was among slaves sold off to fill their coffers again.
Her new masters was the crimson orchids, an assassins guild that sometimes purchases slaves for crude assassinations in which they don’t want to use their finer members.

The Killer

She proved to be a natural killer, she outperformed the usual expectations for slave assassins and caught her masters eyes. On her 10th year in service of the guild she came across Galen GreyMantle on an assignment and saw an oppertunity to work alone, a chance to be free of shackles.
With the aid of Galen she broke her bonds with the Crimson Orchids, though they did not come to an agreement. The assassins guild still has a standing bounty on her head.


Black Star is a hybrid humanoid, her mother was human and her father lycan panther. While the lycan part of her heritage, still in her 25th year, has yet to reveal itself, she has deffinite traits from her father.

She has her hair in matted dread locks filled with many beads, some magic, some not. Her hairstyle is also reflected in her favored clothing style, loose and earthly toned revealing much skin. Many have fatally assumed these half revealing and loose clothes does not allow her to conceal weapons.

Assassins outfit

Her favorite weapons are short blades knowns as Kukri blades, she currently uses a pair she scored off a half-orc thug. The blades are called Grulls Fangs, their blades are covered in orc shaman runes.

She kept two things from her days in the Crimson Orchids,her crimson leather armor, which she wears on her assignments and a crimson hooded cloak. Sometimes she reflects on this decision and wonder, maybe she wants them to find her. Maybe she is yearning for a confrontation with her past.

She bought a rare red furred sabre tooth tiger for a mount a few years ago, it was brought up in captivity like herself. She felt a need for setting it free, but ended up caring too much for it and kept it with herself. Her own experience with slavery has created a deep need for freedom in herself and she confers this onto her mount. She named it Red and still hates her own lack of creativity but the name has stuck since. Red is free to roam as she please.

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