RPG BootCamp #4 – Editing

Bootcamp Editing

The Grind is over yet editing seems to escape me for the time being. I have put out the complete draft for friends to slash and burn as well as revamped chapter 1. I am not satisfied with the beginning, only about 400 Words in chapter 1 which is all about meeting Thyrgion the Time Hunter. Maybe i need to put in a introduction chapter with various options for adventure hooks.

This editing phase is a first for me and usually i loathe going over stuff i have written more than once, so it is deffinently a challenge just to get started.

Other To Do’s

Besides Editing I still got stuff to get done, maps of regions, the flowchart, npc illustrations.

One of the NPCs got a showcase here on Tiny Gork, Black Star the assassin, with illustration too. If you haven’t read it yet here’s a linky: Black Star.

Unfortunately there is not much else going on with the Bootcamp now, i need to get in gear and get that editing done!


I am thinking about getting some playtesting of the raw, unedited first draft.
Are you interrested in playtesting the unedited first Tiny Gork adventure ?
Then please contact me at gork@tinygork.com (this is not a mail link).
Playtesters get the final product for free ofc 🙂

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