Warhammer Smackdown

So here we are, a fortnight after the big showdown. I have been busy packing down my old apartment and cleaning it up to release it back to its owner. Yesterday i handed over the keys, somewhat strange sensation. It was my first apartment and i had it for 11 years.

Anyhow, back to the showdown i was organising with my friend, the Warhammer 40k Smackdown 2014!

We started planning in May and by some miracle we actually pulled the event off, however there were many details we wanted to implement that there just wasnt time to polish off and make ready. 3 months to prep a story, rules, house rules, practical information, getting sponsors, doing some promotion, creating terrain from scratch, painting 2 armies etc… My initial response to the whole thing was “August next year?” and those 3 months prep time was a lesson learned.

We didnt take any admittance fee, except a small cash amount for those who slept over and wanted breakfast. This is also something we have to look more into next time. Yes.. next time, we had the thought of turning this into a yearly thing from the start.

The event ran well, we learned alot of things to do different next year. We did however from the beginning stress that it was not a tourney event, we were there to have fun together. That being said, there are some things we will have to discuss and consider next year. One issue was that we did not put a timeframe on each teams turn and we only got to finish turn 3 before we called the game to a close.

But all in all it was a great day, the table was filled with painted mini’s and it was some of the best looking tables i’ve seen for some time. We also had a good fill of terrain and nice big table thanks to my friend’s effort.

We had a nice surprise for the players, 2 shops had agreed to sponsor the event with gifts. The first gift was randomly attached to one of 6 objectives on the board, the army that controlled the objective (or the one that won a 4+ roll among those that was closest to objective) won a gift voucher to a shop. The other sponsor donated 10% discount vouchers to the team that lost and 20% discount vouchers to the team that won. The prizes were all surprises which we had not announced anywhere to anyone. We were not there to win, but to have fun 🙂

So it’s been some hectic days the last few months, work, clearing out apartment, sorting out my stuff into the new apartment, painting my doom lions for the event and prepping the event. I’m on vacation from work now and for another 14 days and tomorrow i’m going to a sci-fi RPG set in WH40K using WRM rules and homebrew tweaks.

I took a whole slew of pictures of the Smackdown battle, you can see the 239 pictures in the smackdown facebook group: Here

Gork ya later!

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