Hello September!

It seems only like 2 weeks ago it was middle of january and i was buying my second car, a week later i began sleeping over at my girlfriends appartment daily… now it is September and i have been living here officially for 3 months and Christmas is soon knocking on the door again.

I took the last 3 weeks off from work, spending my time with my girlfriend, her kids and my friends. My birthday also snuck in there, so no less than 2 saturdays was dedicated to honoring me 🙂 One for the family and one for the friends, there’s a limited amount of space in the livingin room so we can’t fit them all in at once.

Before this weekend i cast a quick glance at Galens Gamble adventure that i wanted to release in August, seeing as its 1st Sep today… i’m behind. So hopefully i am gonna get that done here in September!

Gork ya later!

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