Warhammer smackdown

This Saturday I am co-organising a warhammer 40k event. It’s a big battle with 9 armies and 11 players.  Each army is roughly 2500pt maybe a bit more. I am also participating in the battle wit her my homemade space marine chapter Doom Lions. 

The last few months have been busy with assembling and converting my chapter with a lot of lions bots from sciborminiatures. Along with emptying out my old apartment and moving stuff into my girlfriends, yes I moved in.  So did my warhammer, book and movie collections much to her dismay *g*

Along with my army,  we also needed terrain and boards to play on, Las  touch is being put those things this week. There are still a lot of details that needs more attention during the next few weeks days.

Along with my space marines I’m bringing a imperial Knight titan suit. Which I painted this Monday.


His name is Vanquisher of house Castell,  a homemade noble house.

That’s all for now.

Gork ya later!

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