The Future of Tiny Gork’s Tinkering Room

I want to talk abit about what ambitions i have for the future of TinyGork.

I want to create content for table RPG gamemasters, content that can be fitted into any World, any setting, any rule system.

We are talking adventures, dungeons, loot, npc’s, organisations, factions, but in a way that YOU the gamemaster will put your personal touch on the stats. I want to focus on story and descriptions and leave the mechanics up to you, i won’t rule out that some system specifics will turn up in the future.

TinyGork feels that it would be a shame to cram a story into a rule specific box and thus exclude certain systems that way. TinyGork wants everyone to enjoy a good story.

All these gork goodies will be inspired by the shadow council story setting, but that should not limit them to be used in tandem with that specific story. The multiverse is plenty and an npc inspired and set in TinyGork stories can easily get involved in YOUR story!

I could give you a short example of an organisation called the time Hunters, it has not been created yet so it’s just a short snippet:

Organisation Name: Time hunters
Headquarter Location: A huge Wheel Building on the plane of time
Organisation type: fractured

All time hunters Works independently and answers only to his or her time lord of which there are only 12. The 12 time lords sits on the Wheel of time, a council that governs the time Hunters. Time hunters exists to track and hunt Down “timers”, a nick name given to individuals who has found a way to meddle with the flow of time.

The bigger the change to the flow of time, the bigger the tracks for the time hunter to follow.

This kind of organisation is something that exists in my Shadow council story and a book about this organisation could also include several npc’s, class descriptions, ideas for powers/skills, thoughts on how you could use time meddling in your campaigns and so on.

So that was a quick peek into what i plan on tinkering with in the near future.

Gork you later 😉

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