Tinker Room Improvements

Today i started working on setting up a newsletter service via Mailchimp. Got a template worked up and did a few test runs, even got Thunderbird installed on my laptop and worked up a template that resemblences the site. The newsletter is still in beta test stage though. 😉

I decided to include cateogries on the widget panel just hope it wont be too much of a clutter or i’ll change it to a dropdown menu perhaps.

I am considering working up a todo list here on site so people can see what im working on next, this is all very new and im taking small steps one at a time.

But the tinker room is of cource not the only thing i will be spending time on, the whole idea was to get my story of the shadow council out to you and spawn alot of exciting content from it. My head is spinning with possibilities and my biggest challenge is to it down on paper for you to play with and expand on, mold and shape. I really look forward to that.

I will hit the hay now, time for my daytime work soon 😉

Gork ya laters !

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