The warlock’s journal contest

@ Warlock’s Sanctum Games there’s a contest for tinkers. Come up with a system less item of power, the entry must be 250+ words and submitted before 12th october.

Winner gets a $10 certificate for AND all the entries will be compiled into a free pdf, you can always use a book compiled of gamers own inventions.

I could not leave this oppertunity to tinker alone, so i have sent the following entry to the Warlock’s Sanctum:

The Apple of Law.
Long long ago, back to when time was invented a man approached a devil about crafting him a very specific item. He asked of the devil to create for him an apple of order. The devil was intriqued as devils tend to favor order, descipline and laws over chaos, but he had never heard of such an apple.

The stranger, whom had an odd whiff of cinnamon about him, explained to the devil that the apple should be made of 7 different gemstone and it’s core should be a small ball of titanium. He wanted the devil to figure out how to capture the essence of law into this piece, whatever else the apple would be able to do he did want one specific ability from it.

The apple of law should be able to dominate an entity devoted to chaos.

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