Results of the Warlocks Journal Contest

Happy New Year!

I hope you all made it safely and happily into 2014, with a great new years evening feast!
I am announcing the winner of the Warlocks Journal Contest December – Woman in ice, today, to kickstart the new year here on Tiny Gork. We had three great entries with some great imagination, thanks to all participants and voters!
so here we go… the winner of the 3rd Warlocks Journal is *Drumroll*…

Phil Nichols!

Entry #1: The Ice Fey

The Ice Fey are the followers of the renegade Seelie Prince of Ice, known on many worlds as Jack Frost. These cold-hearted and capricious fey stalk the winter night, looking for mortals to torment. Typical pranks include making paths slippery to catch the unwary, tweaking noses, or stealing the hot breath of a mortal.

When angered, an Ice Fey can cause a traveller to feel drowsy, then slowly drains the mortal of all their warmth, leaving a cold corpse to be found in the morning. However, Ice Fey are as unpredictable as their brethren, and some Ice Fey will leave prophetic messages and warnings at the homes of respectful mortals. These messages are usually found beautifully inscribed on the exterior of a window.

Some warriors leave out highly polished shields on cold winter nights, along with a suitable gift, hoping for a message on the shield. If successful, the message will tell of their fate, and binds the warrior to the Ice Fey. The shield will be ever frozen, and further gifts to the Ice Fey can bestow icy powers to the warrior.

However, few such warriors live to an old age, instead they vanish one snowy night when the frost hangs heavy on the trees. The Ice Fey are slim, blue-skinned creatures, usually with white or black hair. They have sharp teeth, and long fingers tipped with sharp nails.

They are usually only seen in mortal lands during the season of snows, but some live all year round in the frozen parts of the world. More often seen at night, they are not nocturnal, and may be found playing in the snow on cold, wintry days. – by Phil Nichols

The votes were divided as follows:

Entry #1: The Ice Fey – by Phil Nichols 62,50%
Entry #2: Frigid Frygga – by Dominick Riesland 25%
Entry #3: Whispering Woman – by Chris Kentlea 12,50%

So congratulations to Phil Nichols who has won the oppertunity to have one of his own characters featured in a future Tiny Gork product, I am very much looking forward to working with Phil on that topic. Thanks to everyone for reading, creating, voting and keeping up with the Warlocks Journal Contests.

Download your copy of all the entries: FreeG – Warlocks Journal Contest Dec 2013

Warlocks Journal in January will be hosted by Fields of blood & Honor.

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