New carriage

So the last few months i have been browsing around for inspiration to a new-used car. It was soon time to skip off the old Toyota Camry from 1991 and i had no idea what i wanted to replace it with. During my time of inspiration and browsing the used market, i was developing a small crush on the Ford Mondeo from 2001-2007.

Now when i begin to lock in on a decision like this, i tend to focus almost all my energy on the task. I hardly have room in my head for anything else. After much browsing and internal debating i went off to try a Volkswagon Passat from 2000 and found it to be rubbish, that particular car not the model. There was another car at that particular dealer, but i was unsure with the leg space, i’m 6’4″.

Then came January and a new salery means bigger savings and i found a Mondeo within my pricerange, actually at the top of it. Tried it out, loved it wanted it bought it!

So daddy’s got a new ride… yeehaawww.

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