Bootcamp #6

Grinding my editing

So now i think i know what John Four means when he talks about grinds, however he used the term in the period where you write and create. My true grind experience has been in the editing phase of my bootcamp project: Galens Gamble a systemless adventure.

According to the plan i should have released this adventure about 2 or 3 months ago, but the editing shifted gear on my motivation, inspiration and momentum. While nothing ever really came to a complete halt, things were going very very slow. Add to that the whole christmas month and new years and a new girlfriend, lots of socializing with her friends/family and mine.

So editing… it has not so much been gramma, punctuation and sentence structure as it has been complete re-write and re-structure of plot and story. Making Things fit logically and natural so the story does not feel forced and cardboard like.

Having said all that, i think i am finally closing in on the end of the first round of editing. There are still some chunks that needs polishing and i have a few new ideas that needs to be written in, along with Graphics and illustrations.

One thing i lacked during all this was some feedback, i did try to put out the rough drafts to people and ask them for their help, but alas zero feedback. Should anyone reading this feel like wanting to read through the current version and give feedback feel free to contact me, be aware it will have to be ‘pro-bono’ as there are no funds yet in Tiny Gork to pay anyone with.

All in all i am confident i will get this done and released…. eventually!

Only regret so far is how much this has stalled the rest of my products in Development: Re-vamped new content Time hunter book, Shadow Council Origins, Shadow Council Essential origins FreeG #2 along with my bloggin in general.

But i am always keeping John’s concept of small steps in the back of my head so i don’t despair completely. Better one small step than waiting forever for one big step. Alot of this is my inexperience in creating a story for others to use as i have mainly written to myself only in the past.

This editing grind has not tainted my perception of the bootcamp project cource itself, it feels like a great Tool and i will deffinently try utilizing it Again on another product.

I’ll be back, NeXT time I expect to be writing about putting in some illustrations and Graphics, there are some interresting suggestions in the bootcamp project cource that needs checking out 🙂

Till NeXT time
Gork ya later!

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