Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho !

I hope you all had a very merry christmas with your near and dear and your loot was epic!

I spent mine with at my parents with my sister, her fiancee + his kids 5 and 9 years old along with my girlfriend through 7 months now and her two boys 14 and 16. A big merry evening with moms homecooking, yummy! Today 25th we then carried on with the traditional danish 1st day of christmas feasting. It’s where we set the table with hot stuff to put on blackbread and whitebread, we call it a lunch. We had sausages, hot patee, ground beef meatballs with gravy, fried fish, eggs, eggsalad, herrings, salmon and more meat in mushroom gravy.

After eating and settling the full tummies, we played a package game. All adults brought 2 small 1 dollar packages along for the game. Then we played a premade game with cards that told us to draw a packet or steal one or shift seats and leave the packages at the old seat and stuff like that. Fun fun fun, it really got the competitive spirit going stealing those packages 😀

Now i’m in my pj’s with my girlfriend, enjoying a cold beer and some cold cola and mosing around neverwinter with our lvl 20 somethings teaching her how to play MMORPG. This is her first ever computergame, so along with MMORPG being a new concept to grasp the whole gaming thing in general is also unexplored area for her. I’d like to mention that I had nothing to do with her beginning to play, it was her own devicing.

Artwork is freeart found at pixellogo

Gork ya later!

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