New Release- BootCamp product – Galens Gamble Adventure


It’s my great pleasure to announce that my Bootcamp project Galens Gamble is now released on Drivethrustuff -> Buy Galens Gamble

My newsletter subscribers have had a little week’s headstart with a discount, but now it’s ready for you too!

Galens Gamble is the product of the Bootcamp course i took part in, building a RPG book from no idea to release. Normally the course instructs this over 30 days, I took little over a year, however I did all the artwork myself, as well as editing and typography. I am excited to see the final result and I really hope you can find a use for it!

I have included an option for a FREE book inside Galens Gamble is a link to a survey and by completing that survey you get a discount url for a FREE copy of Time Hunters sourcebook.

Galens Gamble is a short adventure built around 5 encounter ideas, your party is to assist a Time Hunter named Thyrgion in preventing a mercenary band from killing a priest. This priest is destined to sacrifice his own life in order to banish a Demon Lord who is being summoned by a secret cult of worshippers. By martyring himself he is supposed to transcend to become a Demigod, this is supposed to happen in the regular timeflow, but someone wants the mercenaries to kill him and allow the Demon Lord to enter the mortal realm.

Inside Galens Gamble you will find:

  • An introductory overview of the adventure.
  • A flowchart of the adventure.
  • A systemless story adventure taking place in a rural region close to a big mountain range.
  • A chapter dedicated to studying potential loose ends following up on the Aftermath of the story.
    • What would happen if the Demon Lord was not banished and what happens if he is?
      How would the Mercenaries and Assassin regard the heroes when all is set and done?
      How could this all be tied in with the Shadow Council story ?
  • A short intro to a mercenary band called the Howlers.
  • A short intro to a secret cult named “The Order of the Rotten Diamond”
  • The Time Hunter systemless character class, complete with duties, role, ideas to skills, feats/talents and spells.
  • A survey for providing feedback to Tiny Gork and earning your FREE copy of the Time Hunters sourcebook.
  • Looking at the adventure now, I am really excited about all the possible ways of following up on this adventure with new adventures. I wrote up a chapter dedicated to exploring various ideas of how to follow up on the story.

    I’m even considering writing new adventures that explores these ideas, maybe create a little campaign. What do you think ?

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