GM Nostalgia #3 – The Lich’s Pet Dungeon Rooms 21-41

Hi again,

I’ve been busy, last week launching Galens Gamble adventure while typing up the next 20 rooms of the Lich’s Pet Dungeon and I’m also working on another product “Gork Sketches” a collection of my character sketches. But ontowards the dungeon content!

There are a few empty room in this part, maybe you got some good ideas for stuffing?
I’m dying to know!

Lets get too it then!

Room 21-41 of the Lich’s Pet Dungeon

Room 21
A: empty and dusty chance of finding 1d6 coins

Room 22
The room has been designed to be a prison and it has a prisoner, the Kendar named Threefoot. He is not entirely sure why he is being kept prisoner and they took all his stuff!

Room 22a
A Mage Galvan (creature catalogue 29) is guarding the Kendar.

Room 23
A Gremlin Mage has put up residence in this room.

Room 24
A barren room, except for a stone pillar in the middle. On top of the pillar is a small glass box and inside it on a small pedestal rests a diamond. The glassbox is affected by a Timestop spell and the diamond inside is a Delayed Blast Fireball.

Room 25
A gargantuan Gargoyle is keeping vigil here.

Room 26
The room is empty, except for a single statue which can be pushed aside as a secret door revealing a stash of treasure.

Room 27
Is empty

Room 28
Is empty

Room 29
TRAP! A big square in the middle of the floor is weight sensitive and may break off dropping anyone on it into a big pit beneath it. Amongst other unfortunate would be explorers at the bottom can be found a magic weapon.

Room 30
Two Silver Golems are standing watch here (creatuer catalogue 25)

Room 31
There is a statue with two heads in this room, the two heads can be moved up or down. If the heads are set in the right position the floor will be activated to move like an elevator. This room leads to 15a underground (note: this map is yet to be revealed in a future GM Nostalgia post). The correct position of the heads are: Left head “up” Right head “Down”.

Room 32
6 Wights & 3 Wraiths are roaming this room, they seem to loiter close to the south entrance of the room.

Room 33

Room 34
Apparently empty, but a stone in the floor somewhere can be activated which will make part of the Western wall dissappear, to reveal a hidden door.

Room 35

Room 36
A gloomy room, without light you can barely make out a shadow. The shadow belongs to a Hornbetaurus!

Room 37
Two Displacer Beasts are confined to this room and they are rarely fed! There is a secret door at the end of the Western hallway.

Room 38

Room 39
A library has been built in here, this is where the Lich keeps his non-magical books.

Room 40
A study to read the books from Room 39.

Room 41
This appears to be a bedroom, it even has a bed. It belongs to a cleric of chaos. If good people sleep in his bed they suffer damage, but neutral and chaotics are healed.

That’s it for this time around, I hope you enjoyed these rooms i’m working on getting the last ones done 🙂

Be sure to let us know what you’d stuff in those empty rooms!

Gork ya later!

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