GM Nostalgia #2 – Rooms 1-20 of the first dungeon

Last week i decided to take you back to my humble beginnings, to show you my very first home made dungeon. I made it back in 199x i believe. I started roleplay when i was about 15, D&D Basic and soon became embroiled in the AD&D 2nd edition by the established roleplayers. One of my earliest roleplay memories is playing Tasselhof Burrfoot.

As a GM i also remember one of my favorite monsters was the rolling Juggernaught, 4 wheels, a ram and a small square housing driving around dungeons and mazes just to squish things.

I have decided to make this a regular thing and I have named it “GM Nostalgia”.

I am now in the middle of transcriping my old room legend for the dungeon that is posted in GM Nostalgia #1 it is really fun to go back so many years. Reading through my room descriptions I found one that notes something about a Lich, so I think this Dungeon was built by a Lich. So let us name this dungeon “The Lich’s Pet dungeon”.

While I am writing those old notes clean I wanted to share with you the first 20 roooms, now bear in mind that I was a very young and inexperienced RPGamer and GM back then 🙂

The Lich’s Pet Dungeon legend

A: Empty and dusty with a few broken furnitures, chance for 1d6 coins to be found.

B: Door without a handle, yet has a keyhole. If somebody gets within 6” of the door it will open up fast and slam into them and stay open until somebody passes through. It will slam shut when someone is right inbetween it’s frames.

Room 1
The room is filled to the brim with thick webs, scattered about the webs are corpses of past travellers. Once you start moving through the webs it won’t be long before a big shadow begins to approach, a big black widow spider.

Room 1a
Only noteworthy thing here is a statue that points East.

Room 2
This room is covered in black sot and ash, in the middle appears to be a fireplace and right next to it is an Ash Crawler (creature catalog 60).

Room 3
A room with a table and four chairs upon which sits three Orcs and one Hobgoblin playing cards. One Orc is accusing another one of cheating and a fight breaks out between all four. In one corner hangs a piece of rope which can be pulled to activate an alarm.

Room 4
This room is the nest of a HypnoSnake (creature catalogue 70).

Room 5
A Rust monster dwells in this room.

Room 6
Empty room with 3” layer of dust on the floor.

Room 7
Three Ghouls are wandering aimlessly around the room.

Room 8
This large room is stuff with rats, all swarming around and on three larger giant rats.

Room 9
A fire beetle tumbles around in here.

Room 10
Total darkness resides in this room and hidden in the dark are three blast spores.

Room 11
A: Empty and dusty chance of finding 1d6 coins.

Room 12
A: Empty and dusty chance of finding 1d6 coins.

Room 13
Some kind of temple with black runes on the walls and doors. A great table stands in the middle of it. In NorthWestern corner is a small fountain with healing water, but the water loses it’s healing power if put in another container. In the opposite SouthEastern corner is another fountain, filled with poisonous water. The table in the middle contains a secret compartment with a magical silver dagger and a vial of poison.

Room 14
A gargantuan troll is lying here sleeping.

Room 15
A (large) undead former blue dragon is chained to the South wall of this huge room.

Room 16
A statue is standing in the middle of this room pointing South.

Room 17
The room resembles a small library and four Gremlins are busy reading books, they are spellcasters. They all wear an amulet with a reversed pentagram, the symbol of a Lich they serve. The amulets identifies them as servants of the Lich to other servants.

Room 18
Some old furniture with three feet is standing here among the dust.

Room 19
A treassure room and among all the treassure hides a Slime Worm (creature catalogue 55)

Room 20
A Golem:Obsidian is guarding this room, there is a password: “Black” that will allow safe passage. The walls in here is painted black and have a few lit torches on them as well.

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