Regular Coloumns now on Tiny Gork


It has only been 1½ month since i started this site, so im still getting into the hang of things. But now, i have come up with a few regular coloumn posts for the near future.

Thursdays – Bootcamp: I will ramble about my Bootcamp project, an adventure featuring the new Time Hunters.
Fridays – Demonwars: The next few fridays i will write some thoughts on the playtest package from DemonwarsRPG.
Tuesdays – Gork stuff: Tuesdays i will bring you Gork People(npcs), Gork Armoury(items of power) and other such related Gork stuff. Tomorrow I am bringing an old retired Time Hunter, Trass’gram Denholt.

These columns have already seen their first posts, so if you haven’t catched up yet you can find them here:

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