Gork People #1 – Trass’gram Denholt

While im tinkering with quite a few Things at the moment, i am also constantly struck by new ideas.

So here is a suggestion for an NPC inspired by the Time Hunters sourcebook i just released.

Trass’gram Denholt

An aging warrior sits in the corner of a dusty old tavern, his left hand clutches a wooden mug that has clearly seen better days. He does not appear to belong to a race you are familiar with, yet still he has that comfortable familiar feeling about him. His hair looks unkept and frayed, falling down around his shoulders in matted tassels. The barmaid points you in his direction “‘dat be de un yer lookin fer ‘guv, Mr. Denholt hisself” before she wanders off with a tray of similar mugs full to the brim with foaming beverage.

The old warrior looks up from his mug as you place yourself on the opposite side of his table. His red eyes seem to scan your person quickly with their Black pupils, before he signs loud. Even as he gives off an indifferent, lazy attitude your observant adventurers eyes notices that his right hand is no longer resting on the table yet he utters in a voice distant and groggy “I’m not interrested, get yousself gone.”

Trass’gram used to be a Time Hunter, he was one of the great Hunters of his time yet now he spends his time drowning himself in entoxicating beverages in the slums of the multiverse. Trass’gram has become disillusioned, the Work of dealing with the Time Flow got to him. It got to the point where he could no longer see a point to his Work, there would always be another attempt at changing time. Even the time events he preserved would be attempted changed again by another time meddler sooner or later. He began thinking that maybe all this time guarding was just an illusion, maybe there was a higher power that needed the Time Hunters to believe in the Time Flow and to hunt the time meddlers. Maybe there was a deity that was empowered by their Work and the constant watching of the Time Tapestries by the Time Lords was another form of worship and empowerment to this deity.

Trass’gram had convinced himself that, maybe nothing mattered at all.

Meta stats.

Physique: Strong, enduring, good health
Smarts: above average mental capabilities
Tick: He has a tendency to raise the left corner of his upper lip from time to time, like a nervous tick.
Advancement: Trass’gram is a veteran and has been around the multiverse and is well travelled in time.
Spells: Trass’gram used to possess all the spells Time Hunters are granted, but lost them when he quit the organisation.
Trass’gram has all the skills/feats/talents he learned as a Time Hunter.
Being a seasoned adventurer as well as a Time Hunter he also has learned how to track and survive in many different enviroments.
He has garnered great knowledge of the planes and the arcane.
Trass’gram has become an expert with a bastard sword.
He also picked up unarmed combat on an average skill.
Trass’gram speaks almost any known languages.
He was the last to carry an ancient artifact armor, a scalemail. Where it is now, only Trass’gram(GM) knows.


Your oppinion

I would love to hear your thoughts on Trass’gram Denholt.

Which adventure hooks pop into your mind?
How would you use him in your campaign?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Gork ya later!

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