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Which GM Response ?

Turn out it is time for another Random table from Tiny Gork, this one was not on my todo list or planned in any way. The other day i saw a mention of Venger Satanis’ 33% rule for GM Determining if something a player proposes would fly or not, in an interview with VS. I have not watched the youtube vid yet though. But out of the blue, on this grey fall day, a table of responses to player inquiry came to me.

Editors note: if you haven’t, you should check out Venger’s old school gaming blog.

This is a lighthearted very open ended table, for those that can roll with the punches and use it as inspirational quips on the spot.

So following up on my awesome Random table of Goblin Den Loot here is another Random Table for you:

Tiny Gorks GM Responses

1. impossible, almost
2. not unlikely, but dangerous
3. more than likely, a shame someone else thought of it already
4. yeah, well … nope
5. very possible but at a price
6. exactly right
7. yes, but not for the light hearted
8. absolutely not, you will find only terror here
9. not only true, but also with an added bonus of a clue for a hidden treassure
10. maybe if you could turn dreams to reality
11. oh boy, that is sooo far outside your jurisdiction, you are gonna pay
12. propability percent of -0,0012310100430281242157834511001487932154798210003124%.. your query does not compute.

Disclaimer: I have not used this yet, nor have anyone else tested it for me, but i am setting up to take over my friends campaign (in which im a player). I think i’m gonna give this a run for it’s money and see how much slippery ground i will find myself on and what cool stuff could emerge from the chaos! So i’m stuffing this in my GM toolkit and i’m curious to see how it goes.

Gork ya later!

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