Gork Beasts #1 – Lost Hounds of Triasli

Lost Hounds of Triasli

The Triasli Beast is an old legend of a gigantic diabolic 8 legged predator roaming the time flow. She was placed there as a guardian by an ancient time lord, before the first time Hunters, guarding time against time travelers.

Throughout the planes the offspring of Triasli have been seen around strange rifts, assaulting anyone nearby. They pounce from out of nowhere with their 600 Pound, 6 strong legs and a head with an oversized mouth full of 2 sets of razorsharp teeth.

They also have a keen ability to catch the scent of a time travelers. Transforming from thin air, they often catch their prey off guard. They hunt on their own, but on few occassions they have been known to hunt in packs of 2 – 6 hounds. Time Travellers usually leave a faint trail behind them, a lost hound that comes across such a trail will start chasing it.

Time Flux Bites

When suffering wounds from these hounds their prey not only lose regular Health. The lost hounds has what has been named the Time Flux Bite. Survivors of these vicious hounds explains, that not only did the bite do physical damage. They also felt a deeper kind of damage, as if the hounds took something more dear to them than their blood.

Known weaknesses

Markin De’zulon shares his survival story.
“We was travelling along the main river Falons Tear, we were investigating a rift. Apparently several monsters had come through it and ravaged a nearby village. We had set up camp the last night before our arrival at the rift, i was sleeping, had already taken my watch. Suddenly i hear screaming and yelling, scrambling from my bedroll. I try to get my bearings and figure out what all the ruckus is about. Reaching for my weapon, assuming the worst, i see out the corner of my eye a soft blue glow. As i turn to get a better look i hear one of my teammates scream in agony, the blue glowing creature seems to have pounced on him. He is pinned to the ground as what appears to be a blue apparition of a huge hound, bites visciously down on his neck.
At this point i am running towards the hound, weapon in hand yelling at it. Supposedly i was thinking it could understand my frantic yells for it to get off him. My teammate is desperately trying to fend it off with his dagger, but it does not discourage the hound much. I lounge my weapon through the air as i close in on them, only then realizing it was not my weapon i had grabbed but a nearby iron spade. Luckily it seemed to do the trick, the hound yelped loudly as the spade dug into it where the steel dagger of my teammate had tried to stab it. The Hound ran off after that, we did not see it anymore. But we did hear terrible things out there in the dark on the rest of our trip.”


The Lost Hounds of Triasli materialise when slain, transforming from transparent to solid night blue short haired hounds. Many artificers and tanners will take a keen interest when presented with the oppertunity to get their hands on the remains of a lost hound. Many however have run into fake remains and fake items from sellers that claimed they were made from Lost Hound remains.

I hope you can find a use for these hounds and as always I would love to hear how you put them to use or how you expanded upon them.

Gork ya later!

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