RPG BootCamp #3 – First Draft

First Draft

What a feeling, 8000+ words done, 6 chapters and a handful of important npc’s as well as a unique monster which turned out to be a character in itself. First draft done, awesome! But i always get those nagging doubts, did i skip too lightly, did i focus too much on a certain detail and so on and so forth. But first draft is all about getting through the grind, putting down your thoughts on paper.

Next on the menu is doing a cover, there are some good ways to go about this in the cource and along side those i am also considering using a variant of the two covers i have already used for my first FreeG’s. The three products are in the same product line and i am thinking the title boxes can have seperate colours to set them apart and the cover can pull them all together in an easy recognizable way. Everything related to the Shadow Council would have a variant of the same cover with different coloured text boxes for titles and taglines. I am leaning heavily on continuing my fractal design cover i already used.

While im mulling that over in the back of my mind Johnn Four has shown us a nice quick way to setup a page template for the product. Go through some decisions on headlines, font styles and how to set it all up for the entire document. So I have been toying alittle in word with that, still not quite satisfied but getting there.

The last week has been the heavy grind for me and that is where i start to question all my design ideas and what is called scope creep also sneaks in like a ninja. I admit that i have done some editing along the way and i have changed alot of things while writing even the grand finale moved location.

But what i did not expect to creep so much was the various ideas i came up with for hooks to follow up on the adventure. How to use the loose ends after the showdown, that turned into its own 1000 words and the npc chapter first draft is 2000 words on alone.

Right now i’m working on those pages that you include in a product that is not considered content, legal, credits and such.

The Bootcamp project is great, if you have ever had an idea for an RPG Product and is unsure of how to go about getting it out of your head and into our hands.

We are approaching the editing phase of the bootcamp project this week, check grammar and sentence structure. However i have an itch about chapter 1, i think i will have to redo it. Then there’s the maps and my idea about a flow chart overview that needs looking at.

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