Bootcamp #5 – More editing and editing more


So i thought it was time for an update on the BootCamp Project. It has been awhile since i last wrote about it, the reason for that is that it is going very slow. As I have mentioned, i came through the writing grind and started editing and this turned out the be the true grind for me.

Ontop of regular editing, rooting out bad spelling, bad grammar, fixing sentence structures, deleting filler, i found that my beginning was all wrong and bland. I had a start for the adventure that resembles my rookie GM days, where finding the adventure hook was a challenge for the pc’s. I realised that you’d get nowhere with the rest of the material if the first chapter did not play right.

So i have re-written the start, beginning the adventure with assuming the GM has taken care of hooking the party into the Escort service of the Time hunter Thyrgion. Let me focus on the story i want to tell, not the challenges of getting YOUR players to play it, that should be up to the GM who knows the party much better than i.

I then wrote an introduction explaining the pre-story and the core storyline and what the intention is of the major players in the plot.

Along with this “new assumption beginning” i also changed abit of the story, which in turn forced changes in all the chapters.

So my editing has created an almost different product altogether, which i guess is why you call it a ‘First Draft’.

One thing i’m happy with right off the bat with the first draft is a chapter with 1100 Words, about how to pick up some of the Loose ends for future plots. What are the future agendas of surviving villains etc…

But im keeping my head levelled and plowing through, even though it is taking it sweet slow painful time. This is deffinently one of my biggest kryptonites, going over my own material more than once.

Besides the editing, i still have some maps i want to do and an additional npc description is now required. Not to mention the flow chart i wanted to do.

I don’t foresee this product being finished before new years, i’d be happy if i could get that much done but i don’t think it is a realistic goal. Lots of stuff going on in December 🙂

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