Winner of the November Warlocks Journal 2015

The Winner is….

It is now the 30th of November and I have promised to declare you a winner of the November edition of the Warlock’s Journal.

So I give to you the winner: Dominick Riesland with his submission CorTempus!


Nobody knows what the CorTempus does because it has been doing its job for so long that everyone thinks its power is just a natural part of the landscape. The original Timehunters built their headquarters over the CorTempus and have only “recently” discovered that it is separate from the rest of the Vault which houses it.

The CorTempus projects a sphere of absolute time in a 1 kilometer radius. This is large enough to encompass the entire Timehunters’ Headquarters Complex. Thus, in a world where people can travel freely in time, a single absolute timeline exists for Timehunters at their headquarters thanks to the CorTempus.

The absolute timeline works this way: Whenever an attempt to travel to the CorTempus’ location takes place, the people doing so always arrive in their “present”. This is defined as the time value corresponding to the time of their birth plus the amount of time their body has been alive. This happens regardless of when the time traveler wanted to enter the area, unless the person chose a time when the CorTempus was not at that location, in which case the traveler goes to the desired time.

This ability can separate people who are traveling to the Timehunters’ Headquarters in the same device but are from different timelines. As this is assumed to be a function of the Headquarters itself, the warning against bringing companions is drilled into new recruits on a continual basis. When a Timehunter shows up at his or her absolute present without the companion or vice versa, those present take copious notes and find a safe spot to reunite the pair.

Dominick Riesland, aka Rabbitball
Creator of the Cosmversal Grimoire

The Journal has been lost to the holidays

The Warlock’s Journal normally wanders to another site for a new contest, but during this December the Warlock’s Journal is taking a holiday. So recuberate and get ready for more creation in January!

Gork ya later!

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