We have a Winner!

Results are in.

The Warlocks Journal contest may 2014 has a definitive Winner.

Thank you to everyone who read the entries and voted for their favorite and thanks to all who chose to participate. I enjoyed all the entries, the creativity and imagination that went into designing these beasts. I tried to set a narrow scope and focus for this contest as i often find myself that too wide scope presents me with too many options and i tend to stagnate in the process of choosing one of those. It is always thrilling to see what other people come up with based upon your own instructions.

Without further tadaaa here is the winner of the Warlocks Journal Contest May – Time Beast!


Time Frog
A Glowing frog-esque looking time bubble.

Time frogs, came to be when a paradox in time occurs. The time frog swallows the paradox, and that moment in time is removed, allowing the simplest version of that time period to prevail, ending the created paradox. Time frogs hold the paradox in themselves for a few days before it’s eradicated, and the frog flows through time looking for a new paradox.

Time frogs flow through time looking for paradoxes that they can eat. Depending on the paradox, and how much it affects, is how well the frog is fed. A time frog that is starving will attempt to create a paradox, by using suggestions through hallucinations. dreams and inception, to any living time traveling entity they can find.

Time line phase shifting TLPS, is the ability that the Time frog uses to induce a paradox through hallucinations, dreams and inception. An example of a “time line phase shift”: The small monarch butterfly, that will one day land on the end of a rifle causing the union rifleman to accidentally shoot the enemies sergeant and ending the civil war, appears to have a small transmitter attached to his head with a blinking red light… as a time hunter, this butterfly needs to be eliminated.

Designed by: Randal McD. creator “The Fugue System”

The Time Frog got two comments along with the votes:
“Its simplicity and purpose. It doesn’t have to be crazy or extreme to be a great time beast. It just has to work. Time Frog does this. “

“I found this entry to be the most interesting. None of the entries were particularly interesting in my opinion, but from those available, the Time Frog wins hands down. It is interesting and when examining the study of time travel, nothing quite stokes the imagination quite like a paradox.”

The prize

Randal wins a 100% gift coupon to one of d20pfsrd.com’s own published products as well as getting the Time Frog featured in the future re-vamped Time Hunter Sourcebook.

My thanks to all who participated with entries, votes or just by reading 🙂

Gork ya later!

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