Warlocks Journal – May Prize announcement

Awesome news!

The winning prize for the coming Warlocks Journal Contest – May has been generously sponsored by d20pfsrd.com.

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“The d20pfsrd.com store has the lowest commission charge for publishers then any other online store. This means when you purchase from them, more money goes into the publisher’s pocket! Increasing our support for ultimately the writers and artists is what Open Gaming is all about, and we stand behind that 200%!”

D20pfsrd has sponsored a 100% gift coupon for any d20pfsrd publishing product to be won in the coming Warlocks Journal contest hosted by TinyGork in May: http://shop.d20pfsrd.com/collections/d20pfsrd-com-publishing

So get ready, get pumped and get creative!

More info soon to follow on the contest itself.

Gork ya later!

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