Warlock’s Journal #27 May 2016 – True Names

Warlock’s Journal May contest

We are once again visited by the Warlock’s Journal, the travelling book of wonderous knowledge.
This time the Warlock’s Journal is focused on very specific and mysterious topic, True Names!

It is known, that throughout the ages, the eons and the multiverse there has always been one universal truth which seems to have unparallelled powers of domnation, the True Name!

But the Journal is apparently focussing it’s attention on a specific example in history where a beings true name was discovered and used to subdue and force it’s wearer. It seems it is keen on knowing where the name had its origin, how it was hidden and how it was discovered. Which are questions that some of our greatest minds have been trying to answer for millennia, will the Journal succeede where they have failed?

This Time….

To enter the May contest of the Warlock’s Journal, you must create a True Name entry for the Journal.

Nel'dratha dragon
artist: http://sandara.deviantart.com/

The entity in question is the Nel’dratha Queen
The Nel’Dratha Queen was once a dragon mount & familiar of a powerful wizard. She transcended her immortal form as dragon and turned into an undead shadow dragon, over time she had followers who wanted to become what she was. Eventually she became a demigod and these days, it is rumoured that she is actually a living plane of existance. A living Necropolis.
Her True Name was discovered by the Shadow Council’s proxies and they used it to force a location from her.
for more information about the Shadow Council and it’s proxies, read the Shadow Council Essential Origin stories.

Submit your entry

Your entry to the May month Contest of Warlock’s Journal, should explore:

    what the Nel’Dratha Queen’s True Name was
    How it was hidden from the world in fear of being discovered and abused
    lastly how the Shadow Council’s immortal proxies managed to figure all of this out.

The design should be void of system specifics, such as stats and mechanics. These can be added as a bonus appendix if you like.

Submit your entry to gork@tinygork.com with the subject Warlock’s Journal by the 29th of May 2016 to participate in the contest, the winner gets a free bundle The Lost Page handout bundle by TinyGork.

I am going to twist things abit this time around, there will be no public voting for the winner. This time I will choose the winning entry, the contest subject matter is the Shadow Council Origin story which i am currently working on as such i want the winning entry to be the one that resonates most with me and my understanding of the Shadow Council.

The nitty gritty details

  • Contest entry deadline: 29th May 2016
  • Voting period: 30th to 31th May 2016
  • Prize:The Lost Page handout bundle as well as the possibility of the entry being used in future Shadow Council publication by TinyGork.
  • Max 1000 word limit‚ Name/Title does not count against word limit.
  • The entry is to be system neutral. No stats are required‚ but you May add system-specific details as a bonus Appendix to your entry‚ if you wish. Such stats will NOT form part of the Voting pdf‚ but would appear in the final Contest pdf.
  • Each entrant is limited to THREE submission, each submitted seperately.
  • Entrants must submit name and email adress.
  • Entires must be submitted to email gork@tinygork.com with the subject: Warlock Journal
  • Voting: This time around I will personally select the winning entry.
  • Winner will be announced on 31th of May 2016 via the compiled PDF
  • Once the contest is closed and I have gone over all entries and selected a winner, all will be compiled in a pdf for free download. Further notes‚ and details‚ may be added to the pdf. The PDF will be announced with download links on Tinygork.com and the winner will be announced in the PDF. The winner will be contacted directly by TinyGork with details on how to obtain the prize.
  • All contestants will be signed up to a mailing list that informs of future Warlock’s Journal Contests.
  • Important Note: Entries remain the property of their Creator‚ but entry into the contest grants Michael Christensen and Tiny Gork a licence in perpetuity to use the entry. This licence will allow the publication of the entry in one or more free and/or commercial pdfs‚ where work will be attributed. Entries May subsequently be expanded upon or otherwise developed for future contests or products.
  • History of the Journal

    For more information on the previous Warlock’s Journal contest see the cateogry on DrivethruRPG where you can find many of the free pdf compilations of each contest http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=warlocks+journal&x=0&y=0&author=&artist=&pfrom=&pto=

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