Warlocks Journal – June


I am tinkering with a new deity, for the June contest of Warlocks Journal. It is hosted by a newcomer, Soulguardian Publishing. Here’s a quote:

“This month the challenge is to design a deity in 500 words or less. But there is a twist: you have to explain how time has changed this deity: maybe its has become more and more powerful, or maybe it is now dead and forgotten. Maybe its has married another deity, or maybe its children have been killed. Whatever it is, this twist has to be significant.

The winner of the contest will be decided for by an open poll and will receive $20 store credit for DriveThru. The runner up will get $10. All participants will be compiled in a free PDF to be hosted on this site and DriveThru.”

I like creating, especially when the inspiration just flows and you are bubling with ideas. I actually am writing on my second deity now, the first one was heavily based if not a total rip off one of my Shadow Council gods. I like the twist of having to describe how the deity changed over time, however i try to not think in terms of time as my take on gods is that they see time as a huge painting in constant motion instead of linear like us mortals. Instead i try to think in terms of experiences, the more they experience the more they evolve 🙂

So this is my Thursday night, coffee, girlfriend and deity creation… it’s good to be a gork!

gork ya later!

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