Warlocks Journal #15 – Design a Dungeon Room

The Warlocks Journal has now appeared at Soulguardianpub.com and this time it is collecting dungeon rooms, it appears it is trying to find as many dungeon rooms with challenges to overcome as possible.

Entries should follow the following format
Name of the Room
Other Important Information (optional)

Details of the contest
This are the specific details for the contest.
Deadline: 26 December 2014, 12AM PST
Submission: info@soulguardianpub.com subject: Warlock’s Journal, format rtf, doc, txt. Up to three submissions per participant.
Prize: $15 DriveThru store credit for the winner and a PDF copy of The Cathedral of Light, $5 for the runner-up and a PDF copy of The Cathedral of Light.
Entry: 500 words, system neutral. You may add system-specific details as a bonus appendix to your entry, if you wish. Such stats will NOT form part of the voting, but will appear in the final PDF.
Voting: the 27th of December there will be an open poll to determine the winner. The poll will run until the 30th of December. Winner and possible runner-up will be announced the 31st of December.
Rights: entries remain the property of their creator, but entry into the contest grants Vicente Cartas and Soul Guardian Publishing a licence to use the entry and publish it in free PDF compilations with all the entries of the contest, where work will be attributed to their respective creators.

For more head on over to Soul Guardian Publishing.

What will you design?

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