Tweaking the tinkershop


I’ve been tinkering with the site, the top menu now has a products page which has the various shadow council menus nested under it. On the products page i have listed all products by Tiny Gork. Some are released, schedueled to be released and some are still nothing more than a product idea.

As things Progress some of my ideas dont fit strictly under the shadow council setting but can stand on their own or are completely unrelated, so a specific products page felt obvious. It also dawned on me that it might not be too obvious that i actually intend to sell products if i did not have a products page.

as a sidenote i can reveal that i am in the last stages of prepping the Warlocks Journal of May for release on

I have also added an archive widget to the sidebar, along with a twitter window and a list of the top 10 selling products at if you use a link from that and end up purchasing something gets affiliate credits.

So there you have it… products.. by Tiny Gork

Gork ya later!

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