Tink tonk tinker progress

Oi! don’t touch that!

I’m still working on that, oh yes yes curious curious you are. Ok ok ok, i will tell you something then, alittle thing about that shadow council thing im still tinkering with.

Right, when you sit down at the table with this story and start exploring how it goes after what i give you, your players will be a re-incarnation of their former self. Most likely they will have died many times and lived many lives, all of which they spent questing for the artifact that could revive or destroy the shadow council. Only they dont remember, now do they!

They will go on a journey discovering who they really are, hmmm… or were.. it’s all abit fuzzy with timetravel, re-incarnation and immortality you see. But the beauty of all this is that you can jump in whenever in time you’d like, set the campaign in any world. Maybe they already have half of the item when you start?

Anyhuw, one of the stories i read about one of the lives that was lived, the group of re-incarnated previous immortals, travelled back in time to prevent an elven woman becomming a demi-god so that a follower in their own time could not be a priestess of that god and thus not have raised so many undeads in that goddess name. When they got back, the priestess was no longer a priestess of that goddess and she turned out to be a manifistation of one of the pieces they were questing for to put the artifact back together.

oi, the artifact… i have not told you about that yet…. arrhhh, well! it broke, now many pieces, but if put back together it has the power to revive the shadow council and restore the players characters to the councils immortal proxies taking up the mantle of their ancient old job of roaming the multiverse as planar mercenaries with immense power and influence.

now… well i think i told you alil bit too much today, you best git going on out of my tinker tonk shop now 😉

Gork ya later!

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