RPG BootCamp

I recently joined an interresting cource running over 30 days.

In 30 days it will take me through the process of creating and publishing a small RPG product from scratch. I thought this a great excercise since i’m still completely new at this independent publishing thing and why not create an adventure featuring the new Time Hunters!

So that’s an exciting side quest while i’m steaming onward with the Shadow Council story.

I’m around day 10 in the Bootcamp and I now have a table of contents and a rough first draft of the first 2 encounters with subencounters, my encounters have a somewhat wide scope 😉

I also plan to include an optional way of tying this adventure into the Shadow Council story im writing, but it will be usable on its own.

“A ruthless band of mercenaries has been hired to change the future, but Time Hunter Thyrgion will have none of it!
Join forces with a Time Hunter to prevent these time meddlers from changing the flow of time!”

4 thoughts on “RPG BootCamp”

  1. Hey there,

    You have some interesting stuff here! So I was wondering, what exactly is this Boot camp and how does one find out more about it?

    I just dl’ed your products and am looking forward to going through them.



    1. Hey Chris!

      first of all, Thanks! 🙂

      I put up a new page for explaining alittle more in detail about my Bootcamp project, you can find it at the top menu.

      Its a pdf cource from Johnn Four who has gamer-lifestyle where he guides you from scratch to publishing an rpg product in 30 days. Along side the cource he setup a forum for the participants to share and help each other as well.

      The cource site is at http://www.gamer-lifestyle.com/rpg-product-bootcamp/ it is closed for enrollment now but i suspect he will do other bootcamps in the future.

      I would love to hear what you think of the shadow council origin and time hunters 🙂

      Gork ya later!

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