Random table – Goblin Den loot

I wanted to test a site called Skreened where you can design a t-shirt and sell it. You can set how many dollars you profit from selling a design and the rest of the cost are added on top of that.
So i created a random table of loot that could be could be found in a Goblin Den and slabbed it on the back of a T-shirt Skreened.

Goblin Den loot

1. Broken kobold femur.
2. Shiny but worthless ring.
3. Necklace of teeth.
4. Bright coloured stones.
5. Sharp looking dagger.
6. Widebrimmed blue hat.
7. Dried yellow rose.
8. Deed to a Castle.
9. Bone Goblet.
10. Well cared for pointy stick.
11. Collection of rodent skulls.
12. Questionable potion.
13. Crown of Brambles.
14. Box of fake gold.
15. Hamper with waste.
16. A valuable gemstone.
17. Copper ear rings.
18. Hunters kit.
19. Wolfskin cloak.
20. Roll twice.

Let me know if you find this useful as well as how using it turned out 😀

Gork ya later!

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