Pulling quick missions out of a hat

I’d like to share with you this new idea i had. I’m working on a table based quick missions generator, that is supposed to help me think up a random mission on the spot. For those moments… Have you ever had that moment, if you have you know what i’m talking about. That moment when one of your players are doing everything in his power to get an npc to hand over a desired item. Short of dragging said npc into an alley and stab him to death in cold blood.

That moment when you find your self saying “I might be able to help you…..” you trail off and your mind goes SHHIIIIIITTT what does this npc want in return. These moments are not about wealth, they are moments of exchanging favors.

At least that is the kind of moment that inspired me with this new idea.

This is where i plan on pulling quick n dirty missions out of my hat. “I am in need of some assistance myself, i could use like you to help me out in exchange for the sword in question”.

This all started when i read about the JSON generator in Johnn Four’s campaign logger. I threw together a quick code for an auto generated list of inspirational seeds for missions on the spot. When you just need something on the fly. Prepping them up with more detail is certainly also an option. I even suspect they could be used as a premise for adventure building.

Now i am working on refining it, just alittle bit and i plan on testing it out soon. I wish to create a stack of mission inspirations and be able to pull a card in a situation that would match the aforementioned one. It will still require me to think on my feet (unless i prep them in more detail in advance) but will hopefully aid my inspiration.

Here’s an example:

Item/person:Ships Captain
Location:Monsters lair
Opposition:Mythical monster
Opposition Tricks:Traps

2nd Mission:Locate
Location:Pleasure house
Opposition:Local fauna
Opposition Tricks:Unnatural strength

I shall return with more on this project 🙂

Gork ya later!

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