New Line of products out of Tiny Gork tinkershop

Hola my Gork!
I love sharing and I love re-use. So creating a new line of products to other GMs from my own stuff seemed obvious.

Gork stuff handouts is a series of images created by myself that I believe could be used as handouts for your party when you want to add that extra touch of Umphf to loot or clues.

The first batch being released is a series of pages designed to look like spellbook pages or scrolls with mystic texts and diagrams. On this batch is also a book cover image and by combining the pages with the cover you could make a complete book handout.

How awesome would it be to hand over a striking cover with 6 graphically designed pages as your next spellbook or manual of rituals or a book with clues and insight in taking down a cult of demon worshippers.

I can’t wait to hear how you use these new handouts.

It’s all about sharing but I would like tinygork to be self-sufficient so there is a price tag. But my cut is only $0.64 as long as it’s on launch sale. So it’s mostly a symbolic price. 

I hope you like these as much as I do.


Gork ya later!

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