Warlocks Journal & the Shadow Council

Once again, the Warlocks Journal has found its way to Tiny Gorks workshop. I saw him flipping through it’s pages a few hours ago and i do believe he was mumbling something about artifacts! Now i know that Tiny Gork is somewhat an expert on something known as the Shadow Council. What… you, you don’t .. you have never heard about the Shadow Council ?

There once was… many fateful stories starts with these words and in this case it is no less true and yet it might still prove to be wrong. You know how sometimes things go awry between members of a group? Sometimes maybe even unfounded and based on misunderstandings or sheer paranoia? Well, i must be honest and lay it out right now that i cannot tell you which it was for this was a struggle between gods and cosmic powers. But, there once was a group of gods and powers that worked the planes as a sort of mercenary group, they could be hired by other entities, gods and otherwise influential beings and organisations in the planes. They were known as the Shadow Council and their pressence on the planes was a major factor in the whole political game of deities, gods, devils, demons and cosmic powers.

So here is what i believe the Journal is all about right now…

To shatter and absorb the Shadow Council and its powers, a former exiled member created a mighty artifact via powerful sources of Law & Chaos. When used the artifact shattered also and was scattered through time and realities. Across multiple planes and timelines the artifact was broken into seven pieces, lesser artifact onto themselves. Due to being created partly by the essence of Chaos these pieces tend to randomly teleport through time and space and take many different forms. The forces of both Law & Chaos are drawn to these fragments, some are even trying to re-forge the artifact as it is rumoured in some circles to be the most powerful artifact ever created.

One of the fragments was briefly in the custody of a TimeHunter who claimed to have found the piece hidden inside a song. Now mind you, it was not hidden within words on a page but in the physical manifistation of the song. It took a party of adventurers singing the song at a specific site during a major event to manifest the item.

I believe that the Warlocks Journal is recording all signs, rumours, sightings, encounters and theory about the Sepharil Fragments.

To enter this months Warlocks Journal:

You must design the current manifistation of the 3rd Sepharil fragment.

here are some questions for you to consider, these are not contest criteria:
What shape/form/body/essence has it taken this time ?
What are the properties of the 3rd Sepharil fragment on its own.
How is the fragment enhanced when combined with one or more fragments.
Where is the fragment located, is it hidden away or in someones possession.

The Prize!

The winner recieves the short story adventure Galens Gamble pdf, Tiny Gorks next release.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Terms & Conditions

Deadline: 21 Nov 2014 Midnight 22 Nov 2014 – GMT-1 Copenhagen

Submittal: gork@tinygork.com subject: Warlocks Journal

Prize: Tiny Gorks – Galens Gamble pdf.

Max 500 word limit‚ Name/Title does not count against word limit.

The entry is to be system neutral. No stats are required‚ but you May add system-specific details as a bonus Appendix to your entry‚ if you wish. Such stats will NOT form part of the Voting pdf‚ but would appear in the final Contest pdf.

Each entrant is limited to THREE submission, each submitted seperately.

Entrants must submit name and email adress.

Once the contest is closed‚ all entries‚ minus names and any stats‚ will be placed in a Voting pdf for free download. The final‚ Contest pdf‚ will retain names and stats for those entries which included them. Further notes‚ and details‚ May also be added to the Contest pdf. While both pdfs will be free‚ it May be necessary to submit an email address to receive the full Contest pdf. PDFs will be announced with download links on Tinygork.com.

Winner will be announced on 30th of November.

Voting will be done via surveymonkey.

Important Note: Entries remain the property of their Creator‚ but entry into the Contest grants Michael Christensen and Tiny Gork a licence in perpetuity to use the entry. This licence will allow the publication of the entry in one or more free and/or commercial pdfs‚where work will be attributed. Entries May subsequently be expanded upon or otherwise developed for future contests or products.

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