GM Nostalgia #9 – My very first Castle Map – ‘Trollheim’

This week’s GM Nostalgia post is the result of your votes, it was by a landslide that you voted to see my very first Castle Map!

I can vaugely remember drawing this when I browse the details, like the courtyard extending in a circle around the castle with minor gates along the way and shooting holes in all the walls of the courtyards.

There are room identifiers but I am not sure I have the content list, though there is a note at the bottom of the page “Trolls and Ogres”. Perhaps the castle has been overtaken by Trolls n Ogres?

I believe I did my best, given my young age, to create a functioning lifelike castle. Apart from the fact that there appears to be no upper floors on this map, perhaps it’s a ruin? Or it is also possible that I removed any stairwells (you might see traces if you look closely on the map) because I did not want other floors.

I remember a deep fascination with Castles and Keeps around this time in my life, but I never got around to researching proper but I tried to scavenge all kinds of folders and brochures and images that I could. This was before proper internet, so all I had to go on was library and the tourist folders I mentioned. But I didn’t get around to any real castles, even though we have a few in Denmark. This is something I have thought about doing now that I am an adult with a car and a paycheck!

I did go and see Windsor that one time I visited London with two of my mates, very interesting! Tower of London was also on our route and the Sergeant there was a riot, very entertaining tour. Sadly I had no camera back then and I remember little about the make up of the buildings in either place. But I remember it as a great trip, where we also visited ‘ye olde inn in Nothingham, supposedly the worlds oldest inn where the walls are the actual earth of the hill/mountain it is built up against. We sat next to old tree roots and earth while tasting our beer.

So to it then, this week, I give you Castle ‘Trollheim’ and I think I will follow up next time with another Castle that has more than one floor plan, in fact I think there are three plus a basement level with prisons.

My first castle
My first castle

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