GM Nostalgia #6 – Lich’s Pet Dungeon lvl 2 – Room Stuffings!

It’s time to follow up on the last GM Nostalgia post: GM Nostalgia #5 Lich’s Pet Dungeon Lvl 2 Map with room stuffings. Yet more young me flavor, not a whole lot of room descriptions, i was much more focused on what monster would be facing the adventurers next!

Alot of it feels malplaced and weird, yet i think it has that oldschool dungeon crawl to it and i still had some sense of monsters being here was because someone put them here deliberately. Someone is in control of all this chaos and weirdness.

Lets get to it then.

The Lich’s Pet Dungeon LvL 2 – Room Stuffings

Room 1
Another party (exactly the same number as the player party) storms towards the door.

Room 2
Chimera in an otherwise empty and dusty room with only bones from previous victims scattered about.

Room 3
8 Skeletons becomes animated when the room is entered.

Room 4
Looks like a storage room, Empty.

Room 5
2 Orcs sits at a table, in a corner is an Owlbear. One of the Orcs is holding a chain that ends in a collar on the Owlbear.

Room 6
Small storage, a box here contains a crystal ball.

Room 7
12 Skeletons becomes animated when the room is entered.

Room 8
7 Skeletons becomes animated when the room is entered.

Room 9
9 Skeletons becomes animated when the room is entered.

Room 10

Lich's pet dungeon level 2
Lich’s pet dungeon level 2

Room 11
On the wall hangs a ornate and masterly crafted heavy crossbow with a cocker of bolts.

Room 12

Room 13
Rock Golem

Room 14
Rock Golem

Room 15
Empty, a single potion lies in a dusty corner

Room 16

Room 17
Bone Golem

Room 18
Blast spore

Room 19
A Black Pudding

Room 20
A Nagpa (Creature catalogue 73) is sitting in here, waited upon by 4 Orc servants wearing black robes. 2 orcs are clerics and 2 orcs are mages. Two tables are here with piles of papers on them. In one corner is a pedistal with a Glass Ball, which has magically bound a Mage to servitude in room 22.

Room 21
A gargoyle is guarding, there is a safe passage password “die”.

Room 22
The room has two closets, one large table brimming with all sorts of wizardry stuff. A Mage lives here, he is being held prisoner, bound by a Glass Ball in Room 20.

Room 23
Empty, except for a stash of magic items.

Room 24
A Silver Golem stands guard here.

Room 25
TRAP! When X is stepped upon, the back wall begins to slide forward.

Room 26
A 9 headed hydra occupies this room, which is filled with treassure. There is a chance the mage from room 22 will wander in to gather some treassures and leave again. Unless he has been killed or set free.

Room 27
There is almost no ceiling in this room, instead there is a big hole. In the corner of the room lies a small black dragon, sleeping on it’s treassure pile.

Room 28
The stairs in this room leads to Room 1 in level 3

Room 29

Room 30

Room 31
The floor of this room is gone, instead there is a huge gaping mouth of a purple worm.

Room 32
3 Caldrons (Creature Catalogue 29) lives in this room. The hallway leading north from this room leads back to level 1 outside the mountain.

Map Explainer

The narrow ways that looks like tunnels on this map, is actually slides. When entering the secret room in room 30 you can fall and slide down the slides and if you stear wrong you end up in the mouth of a purple worm.

That’s the 2nd level of the Lich’s Pet Dungeon, I still have 2 more maps that are connected to all this! Phew what was i thinking back then, obviously i didn’t have much else to spend my time on!

Till next time, Gork ya later!

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