Bootcamp – Galens Gamble

The end is fast approaching!
I have seen Tiny Gork being deep in his work on the next book, the bootcamp project that was to result in a product is finally about to reach its destination.

From what i can gather of my talks and sneakpeaks over his shoulder, Tiny Gork has researched an event concerning a mercenary band led by a man named Galen. Tiny Gork is calling it “Galens Gamble” and it’s about a band of adventurers that stood up to Galen and his mercenaries in a moment in time where it was sorely needed. Should Galen and his band have succeeded, the kingdom would have been invaded by a Demon Lord and enslaved to his will.

But Thyrgion, a Time Hunter, sought out these adventurers and asked them to help him stop Galen from meddling with the Timeflow.

I can’t say exactly when he is finished with it, but it seems that he is working on the appendices now and is done with the main bulk of the thing.

Also, I managed to make a copy of it and when we have a winner in the Warlocks Journal, i’ll hand over the copy as a winners prize 🙂

Gork ya later!

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