Bootcamp #7 – pulling through

It has been some time since i last adressed my on going grind of editing the bootcamp project Galens Gamble story adventure. Yesterday it felt like i finally pushed through the grind, although i am nowhere near perfection i am now feeling more content with the current draft.

So after re-writing, re-structuring, re-arranging and deleting i finally went through the whole thing with a spellchecker and that feels like some sort of closure on the editing phase. However there are some issues i have not adressed and i am not sure they will be in this version, maybe in a later re-vamped version.

I have been lost in the mire of editing for so long i have forgotten the entire process along with any check lists, so now i need some time to concilidate and refresh myself on the project as a whole.

There are a few things i know i still need, like graphics and that flowchart idea i had, along with a cover.

I am still looking for someone to test my draft or read it and give me feedback, I will reward such effort with a free PDF of the final product.

So if you don’t have anything planned for the next session, why not contact me for a draft copy and see what you can do with it. It has been written very open ended and lots of loose ends to build on, the idea being that it should become as much your story as it has been mine and it should evolve and grow.

Thats it for now,

Gork ya later!

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