GM Nostalgia #15– More Underdark

More Underdark mapping

There is not much to say on this next update in GM Nostalgia its a continuation of post#14 its another map of the Underdark.

I think i wore myself out on the second map it does seem as if i never finished it. Honestly I cant remember. Well who would need another map after the first one anyways? that was HUGE.

Maybe you can use this for a mega dungeon?

underdark map 2
my second underdark map

As always I would love to hear from you if you use the map and how it turned out!

How would you populate a map like this?

With the next GM Nostalgia i think it is time to show you the demons heart.

Another question id like to add if you follow my GM Nostalgia posts: Would you like to see a polished compilation pdf of all the various maps and pieces i post in my GM Nostalgia series? or maybe even just a raw compilation with no additional workover (i.e. photoshopping the blue lines away marking up the pencil lines better adding flavourly shadow texture on the dungeon maps).

Gork ya later!

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