GM Nostalgia #4– The Lichs Pet Dungeon Rooms 4-56

Back due to popular demand! (one can hope as much)

I now present to you the final rooms of the first dungeon map i ever made. I have come to remember that the dungeon was created by a Lich and the day to day business is run by a chaotic cleric who lives in the dungeon. But the pet dungeon is merely the first level.. After room 56 there is an entire new map and it doesnt stop there. Two more maps follow after the 2nd level!

But im getting ahead of us all we left off last time with Room 41. So now its time for Room 4

The Lichs Pet Dungeon Rooms 4-56

Room 42
The room here has a large portion of mud on the floor. The mud is actually 10’ deep and contains a Mud Golem.

Room 43
On a small pedestal at the back wall is set a warrior helmet the helmet bestows random alignment on it’s wearer.

Room 44
These are living quarters of the Cleric that oversee’s the dungeon on behalf of the Lich.

Room 45

Room 46
Two Minotaurs is fighting in this room.

Room 47
The room is filled with the songs of two harpies.

Room 48
Four Arks stands around and appear to be deep in a heated argument.

Room 49
Magical darkness fills this room torches are no good here. Magical light will illuminate the darkness. Five shadows lurks here ready to pounce.

Room 50

Room 51
In one corner is a pentagram carved into the stone floor this functions as a teleport to room 1b

Room 52
A colony of 80 Geonids live here if anyone enters the room they immidiately turn into small stones and pebbles.

Room 53
A great big throne room with a throne at the back wall. The Cleric often sits here ordering minions of the dungeon about. He is not fond of losing a fight and will have no qualms running from a fight either. Behind the throne is a secret compartment with a key this opens the door in the hallway behind the throne room that leads on to the next dungeon level inside the mountain.

Room 54
If the trap in room 4 is sprung five orcs will rush towards the mud.

Room 55

Room 56
This small hall has several peeps holes into the throne room.

I had alot of fun revisiting these old old old room descriptions and i can tell i was a big fan of the creature catalogue for D&D and i apparently was fond of shaping dungeon rooms around monsters. A mud pool with a mud golem lurking in it.. a room stuffed with spiderweb and a black widow. Then there are the classic oldschool a monster is here for no aparent reason other than for you to fight with rooms lots of those.

I am not sure if I ever ran anyone through this dungeon map heres hoping some of you will do that for me 🙂

I would love to hear from you if you used it how you used it what you changed etc..

Next time… Level 2 and i peeked there is only 3 rooms in the next level and drawing wise it was more creative.

Till then Gork ya later!

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